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This tool for the management of  evaluation results was developed under Subsequent Contract no 2 for the Improvement of the use of evaluation in the policy-making and decision-making process in the field of structural instruments in Romania  of the Framework Agreement for the Evaluation of Structural Instruments during 2011-2015,  Lot 2 - Capacity Building in the Field of Evaluation,  a project co-financed by European Regional Development Fund through OP TA 2007 – 2013.

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Multicriteria analysis ..
Cost-benefit analysis ..
Cost-effectiveness analysis ..
Documentary analysis ..
Evaluability assessment ..
Factor analysis ..
Input-output analysis ..
Descriptive statistical analysis ..
SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) ..
Questionnaire survey ..
Problem tree ..
Benchmarking ..
Stakeholder consultation ..
Propensity Score Matching ..
Concept mapping of impacts ..
Differences in differences (N) ..
Contingent evaluation ..
Realistic evaluation ..
Focus Group ..
Individual interview ..
Social Accounting Matrices ..
Logical framework ..
Logic models (N) ..
Macroeconomic models ..
Expert panel ..
Discontinuity design ..
Case study ..
Observation techniques ..
Theory of change ..
Instrumental variables ..