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What is Evaluation?

Evaluation is an essential component of the european process of public interventions forumaltion and implementation.



Lately, the managers of publicly-funded programmes all over the world have been increasingly asked to provide justification for continued public support for the programmes they implement. Members of the Parliament, civil society groups, major international donors (the World Bank, the EU, etc.) and vast numbers of citizens are becoming more concerned about the value for money of the projects and programmes that are financed out of taxpayers money


The European framework for the evaluation of structural instruments
According to article 47 of Council Regulation no. 1083/2006, evaluations aim to improve the quality, effectiveness and consistency of the assistance from the Funds, the strategy and implementation of operational programmes, with respect to the specific structural problems affecting the Member States and the regions, the objective of sustainable development and the relevant Community legislation concerning environmental impact and strategic environmental assessment.

The provisions of the Regulation related to evaluation are further interpreted and detailed by the European Commission in the so called Guidance Documents which serve as guidelines for the Member States in their activity related to the evaluation of structural instruments.
The national framework for the evaluation of structural instruments

In Romania, the piece of legislation which contains provisions related to the evaluation of structural instruments is the GD 457/2008 refering to the institutional framework for the coordination and management od structural instruments. It introduces the obligation to elaborate and implement multi-annual evaluation plans and to use them as strategic and management tools throughout the implementation of structural instruments.

The evaluation results are examined, as the case may be, by the Monitoring Committees of the operational programmes, the Management Committee for the coordination of structural instruments and by the National Coordination Committee for structural instruments, and their executive summaries are made available to the public.

The Evaluation Working Group has issed a series of documents which guide the structural instruments evaluation activity in Romania. The main guidelines are: